In Memoriam Dolores Olmedo Patiño

This special, long-term program is offered by special invitation only.
As Arquetopia has become a prominent international foundation, we face new challenges, our role in the development of the arts and the residency field keeps growing, and our mission continues to expand. Through our multiple residency programs, Arquetopia has had the privilege of hosting, guiding, and advising more than 600 artists, designers, writers, art historians, and other professionals in the arts, from 90 countries around the world. With a wide range of backgrounds, methodologies, scopes, critical perspectives, and an extended network, we are proud to have created an international community invested in social change, that continues to expand the dialogue on ethics in the arts into diverse communities around the globe.

Arquetopia honors the memory of one of the most important patrons and collectors of Mexican art, Dolores Olmedo Patiño, who with great vision, generous vocation, and determined participation, played a crucial role in the development of the arts, influencing the political and cultural life of Mexico. Known for establishing a very important museum and donating her vast art collections to the people of Mexico, Dolores Olmedo especially challenged notions of taste and power by questioning national narratives, expanding women’s civic engagement in the public sphere, and creating an important legacy. Following Dolores Olmedo’s example, Arquetopia Foundation is prepared to nurture a new generation of artists committed to social change and to offer them long-term guidance and support.

Artist-in-Residence and Arquetopia International Mentorship Program participant, Cristóbal Sarro (Mexico)


The Arquetopia International Mentorship Program is a special artist residency and advanced educational platform aimed to expand the Foundation’s mission by fostering Arquetopia’s best Artists-in-Residence through a long-term model and international support system. This program is offered by invitation only to a limited number of carefully selected Arquetopia alumni, our most outstanding past residents engaged in more responsible forms of art production and invested in confronting the legacy and discipline of art, who will expand their art practice through innovative methodologies. The Arquetopia International Mentorship Program offers a sustainable model for art practitioners through a comprehensive platform for career development, including mentoring and professional expertise, international residencies, exhibitions, and other professional opportunities. The model is structured in a 12- to 18-month period in which artists will set long-term career goals, create a business plan, and develop an art project with a critical methodology. Beginning with an assessment process and an on-site residency at Arquetopia Foundation, artists will develop a critical research to expand their art production. Followed by a long-distance mentoring and guidance system, they will develop a business plan and marketing strategy setting concrete career goals and continue with the second phase of their artistic project. Production of the art work will continue on a second residency through Arquetopia’s international extended residency network and successfully culminate in an international exhibition.

Arquetopia Foundation Exhibition at Qorikancha (Temple of the Sun) Museum, Cusco, Peru, 2018 
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