CNC Etching Printmaking Residency Program

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This comprehensive, customized residency program offers competitive professional opportunities for emerging and mid-career, national and international artists and designers age 20 and over.

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The first machine used to replace handcrafted techniques and increase precision was invented in 1751. Since then, the industrial revolution has transformed the technology of image production, becoming more precise and complex. In the 20th century, and specifically in the decade of the 1940s, computer numerical control, or CNC, emerged. CNC involves entering 3D files into a computer and running a program to control the motion of tools within a machining center. A fully automated process using speed rotation from an axis and diverse cutting tools achieves a range of dimensions. CNC machines combine multiple tools with numerical control techniques as means for a precise and accurate visual production. The 21st century has made us believe that everything is computable and can be resolved by applying new technologies; however, technologies have also inherited the legacy of history embodying our biases.

The CNC Etching Printmaking Residency is one of Arquetopia’s new initiatives to expand the possibilities of printmaking, specifically relief techniques through the use of numerical control techniques in the process of creating images. This process expands the possibilities of image production, including depth and resolution in a variety of materials including linoleum, plexiglass, and wood. The effect produces a uniform porous structure on the surface that is more precise and allows more variables in terms of intensity and depth of image.

Printmaking is one of the oldest traditions used by the modern world. From the reproduction of books to the making of money, it became a technology that allowed the massive reproduction of information and facilitated transactions, becoming an integral part of our everyday life. As Benedict Anderson wrote, print technology created the possibility of a new form of imagined community which created the language of power and set the stage for the modern nation. In that sense, modernity and the language allowed irrational exploitation and pollution of the environment, and most art techniques are not excluded.

The CNC Etching Printmaking Residency is a mentored production residency that offers the unique opportunity to produce work on-site at Arquetopia.The techniques offered are intaglio, linoleum, woodcut, polyester plate, silkscreen and the unique opportunity of working with a specific lithography stone from Mexico. Maximum dimensions of the etching press are 24 X 45 inches.

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Flexible sessions of 4 to 8 weeks. Dates are not predetermined but are nominated by the applying artist.

Staff Support:
  • Each resident artist meets weekly with our directorial and curatorial staff for personalized mentoring, research assistance/resources, project guidance, and critique
Accommodation and Meals:
  • Furnished, private bedroom
  • Meals and 24-hour access to stocked kitchen and large dining room
  • Wireless Internet
  • Use of Arquetopias residency common spaces including outdoor terraces
  • Shared, serviced bathrooms with modern fixtures and showers
  • Housekeeping
Studio Workspace:
  • Bright and spacious on-site printmaking facility with 24-hour access
  • 24-hour access to large and bright, shared main art studio with generous natural light
  • Personal workspace with large table and wall space
  • Some materials and supplies provided
  • Some printmaking materials are not included (paper, plates, certain inks, screens); artists bring these or purchase them locally

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Arquetopia CNC Etching PRintmaking Residency 2022 2023