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The End of the Grand Tour?

Virtual Symposium on Artist Residencies: Future, Place and State

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Established in 2009, Arquetopia Foundation is a self-sustaining, officially registered Mexican and Peruvian nonprofit organization of artist-run professional spaces that receive zero external funding. Arquetopia is strictly unaffiliated with any political, religious, war industrial or weapon-building entities. Your fully tax-deductible donation will help us continue to develop our outstanding, unique arts programs that contribute to positive social change.

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For the security and privacy of our Artists-in-Residence, Arquetopia residency spaces and production studios are closed to visitors. Tours are not provided.

Arquetopia Foundation (Puebla): Avenida 15 Poniente 715, Centro Histórico. Puebla, Puebla 72000 MÉXICO. Tel. (+52) 222 594 7728. E-mail: info@arquetopia.org
DECENTERED Gallery Arquetopia:
Avenida 17 Poniente 1113, Barrio de Santiago. Puebla, Puebla 72410 MÉXICO.
Arquetopia Oaxaca: Calle Camino al Seminario 79, 3ra Sección. San Pablo Etla, Oaxaca 68258 MÉXICO. Arquetopia Peru: Jirón Pisagua 103, Centro. Urubamba, Cusco 08661 PERÚ.

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