Arquetopia Italia Residency Space – Naples, Italy


Castel dell'Ovo, dating from 1140 A.D.

Accessible via two international airports in Naples (NAP) and Rome (FCO), Naples (Napoli) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in southern Italy, set on the Bay of Naples. Its foundation dates back to the Parthernope community in the 9th century B.C. and later re-established as Neapolis (New City) in 470 B.C. Historically, as a major port city in the Mediterranean region, Naples has been an important cultural center in Europe. From the Roman Republic, to the Byzantine Empire, and later on as the Kingdom of Naples, it became the living symbol of prestige, dignity, and power. From the 16th to 18th centuries, Naples became the Viceroyalty of Napoli as part of the Spanish Empire, sharing a common history with the viceroyalties of New Spain (Mexico) and Peru. After the Expedition of the Thousand and the Siege of Gaeta, Naples became part of the Kingdom of Italy in 1861 as part of the Italian unification, ending the era of Bourbon rule.

With a population of 5.8 million in the region of Campania, Naples is one of the largest cities in Italy and is the capital of the province. Having a Greco-Roman foundation and a checkboard layout of the 16th century, it is famous for its outstanding monuments and historic center. Naples lies 226 km (140 mi) south of Rome and has had a profound influence in many parts of Europe and beyond exerting important influences in many cultural fields, especially related to art and architecture. Its historic center is defined by the Aragonese walls, with significant elements from the 18th century, including important palaces, as well as buildings for governmental, residential, university, and arts and crafts functions. With a population of 2.1 million, the city of Napoli is famous for a deep cultural identity, delicious cuisine, art, being one of the most influential centers in the Mediterranean region for several centuries. Naples is located at the base of Mount Vesuvius, giving the residents a magnificent view of the bay. The climate is Mediterranean, with mild, rainy winters and warm, sunny summers.

Naples is also ideally located close to several other important cities including the famous archaeological sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum, the spectacular Amalfi Coast, and the beautiful island of Capri.

In 2019, Lonely Planet described Naples as Italy’s coolest city, “the place to be right now.” The New York Times lauded Naples in its 2019 article, 36 Hours in Naples, Italy, for “the Baroque excess, the indulgent cuisine, the mesmerizing fugue state of it all.”

Palazzo Reale (The Royal Palace of Naples) and Castel Nuovo
Piazza del Plebiscito and the ruins of Pompeii

Our residencies are mentored, professional programs with academic content customized to each artist-in-residence. Our programs include weekly meetings with our directorial and curatorial staff for personalized research assistance and resources, project guidance, and critique; 24-hour access to shared studio with personal workspace, large tables, and some tools; and wireless Internet; furnished, private bedroom and use of shared indoor and outdoor common spaces; 24-hour access to the kitchen for residents to prepare their own meals; shared, serviced (single) bathrooms with modern fixtures and showers; utilities and housekeeping. For the instructional residencies we offer, the instruction our residents receive from the Italian master artists we contract is funded directly from the residency tuition, and materials and supplies for these instructional courses are included. For our mentored, non-instructional residencies, artists bring their own materials and supplies or obtain them locally.

Airport Transportation:
Arquetopia provides carefully detailed trip preparation materials, arrival transportation instructions, and orientation materials to all incoming residents.

Our fourth residency space is also environmentally conscious, extending our commitment to sustainability and nature. Located in the small town of Bacoli in the province of Napoli and in the heart of the Tyrrhenian Sea, it is right across from the famous island of Ischia. The area of Bacoli is rich in history, from the Cumaean Sibyl of ancient times, to the presence of the Roman Empire, it offers important archeological sites and stunning views of the Gulf of Naples. The towers of the Aragonese Castle, built for defensive purposes in 1495 on the remains of a Roman villa, reinforce the indeleble presence of the Spanish Empire, while the small Casina Vanvitelliana, an incredibly beautiful building standing alone in the middle of Lake Fusaro commissioned in the late 18th century by Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies, is a display of the imperial wealth.

Like our other three residency spaces, Arquetopia Italia incorporates a deeper comprehension of how art and the surrounding ecosystems, as well as the complex cultural heritage, are rooted in the sense of community. Arquetopia’s residency spaces continue to be open for dialogue, exchanges, and encounters while emphasizing our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, reusing materials, and recycling waste.

Our spacious Mediterranean-style residency hosts up to four resident artists and writers at a time, with sweeping views of Lake Fusaro and the Gulf of Naples. Established in the small peninsula of Bacoli within the Metropolitan City of Napoli, the space accommodates our office; and sleeping, living, and work space for up to four artists-in-residence. In this semi urban costal space, the intersection of art, history, culture, and nature set the tone for reflection, research and production. We welcome artists and writers who are interested in developing projects seeking a deeper connection with the artistic and historical context of Southern Italy. The residency center is conveniently located in a semi urban/countryside, outside of the touristy areas, and only 50 minutes away from the center of the city of Naples. Local and affordable everyday public transportation is accesible from the residency space, including urban buses and trains, as well as Line 7 Caumana railway, with direct access to downtown Napoli. Considering the Italian Road Trip tradition, artists interested in exploring the region frequently rent a car during their residency, which are welcome to park inside the residency premises.

Our residents enjoy a safe and peaceful environment, as well as the mild weather that the region of Naples provides. The residency center is conveniently located in the countryside, outside of the touristy areas, and only 40 minutes away from the center of the city of Naples and 30 minutes away from the renowned archaeological site of Pompeii. Affordable, everyday public transportation is also available from the residency vicinity in different directions and to various destinations.

3. WRITERS Residency


Views of residency surroundings
Bacoli Area 1
Bacoli Area 2
Bacoli Area 3
Bacoli Area 4

Views of residency exteriors
Arquetopia Italia Main 1
Arquetopia Italia Exterior 1
Arquetopia Italia Exterior 2
Arquetopia Italia Exterior 4

Views of residency studio spaces
Arquetopia Italia Studio 1
Arquetopia Italia Studio 2
Arquetopia Italia Studio 3
Arquetopia Italia Studio 4
Arquetopia Italia Studio 5

Views of residency common areas (living, dining, kitchen)
Arquetopia Italia Commons 1
Arquetopia Italia Commons 2
Arquetopia Italia Commons 3
Arquetopia Italia Commons 5
Arquetopia Italia Commons 6
Arquetopia Italia Commons 7
Arquetopia Italia Commons 8
Arquetopia Italia Commons 9
Arquetopia Italia Commons 10

Views of residency bedrooms
Arquetopia Italia Bedroom 1
Arquetopia Italia Bedroom 2
Arquetopia Italia Bedroom 3

Views of residency shared bathrooms
Arquetopia Italia Bath 1

Arquetopia Italia Bath 2
Arquetopia Italia Bath 3
Arquetopia Italia Bath 4

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