Arquetopia Peru Residency Space – Cusco, Peru

MachuP1The Inca archaeological site of Machu Picchu

The city of Cusco is accessible via two international airports in Cusco (CUZ) and Lima (LIM). Cusco was classified in 1972 as Cultural Heritage of the Peruvian Nation and declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983. Located in the heart of the Central Peruvian Andes of South America at 3,400 m (11,155 ft) above sea level, the Cusco region extends into a fertile alluvial valley of approximately 20 km (12 mi), called the Sacred Valley of the Incas, an incomparable scenic and historical major destination.

The City of Cusco was remodeled and redesigned in the 15th century after a pre-Inca occupation process of over 3,000 years, under the Tawantinsuyu Inca Empire. After the conquest of the Spaniards in the 16th century when the city was destroyed, the basic structure of buildings was used to construct Baroque churches and palaces over the ruins of the Inca city, such as the Temple of the Sun (Qorikancha), the Aqllahuasi, the Sunturcancha, the Kusikancha and a series of very finely finished buildings that shaped the Inca compounds. As a result a local baroque style was developed creating a unique and high quality mixed configuration of architecture and art representing the initial juxtaposition and fusion of different periods and cultures, as well as the city’s historic continuity.

Typical sights for which Cusco and vinicity are known

Our residencies are mentored, professional programs with academic content customized to each artist-in-residence. Our programs include weekly meetings with our directorial and curatorial staff for personalized research assistance and resources, project guidance, and critique; 24-hour access to shared studio with personal workspace, large tables, and some tools; and wireless Internet; furnished, private bedroom and use of indoor and outdoor common/shared spaces; 24-hour access to the kitchen for residents to prepare their own meals; shared, serviced (single) bathrooms with modern fixtures and showers; utilities and housekeeping. For the instructional residencies we offer, the instruction our residents receive from the Peruvian master artists we contract is funded directly from the residency tuition, and materials and supplies for these instructional courses are included. For our mentored, non-instructional residencies, artists bring their own materials and supplies or obtain them locally.

Airport Transportation:

Arquetopia provides carefully detailed trip preparation materials, arrival transportation instructions, and orientation materials to all incoming residents. Arquetopia Cusco staff provides Cusco airport pickup and dropoff transportation on the scheduled start and end date of the residency.

More sights for which Cusco and vicinity are known: Chinchero textile market, Plaza de Armas, and Qorikancha Museum and Inca archaeological site
Our third residency space is environmentally conscious, continuing our commitment to sustainability and nature, and conveniently located in the town of Urubamba in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Surrounded by the rugged Andes mountains, Urubamba sits next to the Urubamba river and historically has been a transportation hub. Near the Maras Salt Mines dating back from the Inca times, Urubamba architecture dates back to the 16th century and was declared Province in 1825.

Like our other two residency spaces, Arquetopia Peru incorporates a deeper comprehension of how art and the surrounding ecosystems, as well as the complex cultural heritage, are rooted in the sense of community. Arquetopia’s residency spaces continue to be open for dialogue, exchanges, and encounters while emphasizing our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, reusing materials, and recycling waste.

Our spacious Peruvian Chalet-style residency hosts up to four resident artists and writers at a time, with sweeping mountain views of the Chicon glacier and views of the little town, including local flora and fauna from the artist rooms. Established close to our local master artists/instructors and partnered institutions, the space accommodates the offices, sleeping living, and workspace for up to four artists-in-residence. In this countryside space, the intersection of art, history, culture, and nature set the tone for reflection, research and production. We welcome artists and writers who are interested in developing projects with non-toxic techniques and seeking a deeper connection with the community, the historical context, and the environment. Artists are also encouraged to participate in diverse activities such as field trips and hiking.

Our residents enjoy a safe and peaceful environment, as well as the mild weather that the Sacred Valley provides. The residency center is conveniently located in the countryside village of Urubamba, outside of the touristy areas, and only one hour away from the center of the city of Cusco and 15 minutes away from the Ollantaytambo train station that serves the renowned archeological site of Machu Picchu. Cheap, everyday public transportation is also available from the residency vicinity in different directions and to various destinations.

1. ARQUETOPIA SPECIAL 15TH ANNIVERSARY ALUMNI Program: Intercultural Poltergeist (by invitation only)

Urubamba Cusco Arquetopia Peru
The Sacred Valley of the Incas, with the town of Urubamba in the foreground
Residency exterior views, with the Andes Mountains backdrop
Arquetopia Peru Exterior 3
Arquetopia Peru Exterior 4 new
Arquetopia Peru Exterior 5A new
Arquetopia Peru Exterior 6 new
Arquetopia Peru Exterior Gate 2 new

Arquetopia Peru Exterior Gate 1A new
Residency studio (before it was furnished)
Arquetopia Peru Common 6A new
Residency front room, dining room, kitchen, and common spaces
Arquetopia Peru Common 1A new
Arquetopia Peru Common 2 new
Arquetopia Peru Common 7 new
Arquetopia Peru Common 3 new
Arquetopia Peru Common 4 new
Arquetopia Peru Common 5 new

Arquetopia Peru Kitchen 1 new
Arquetopia Peru Kitchen 2 new
Residency bedrooms and bathrooms
Arquetopia Peru Bedroom 1 new

Arquetopia Peru Bedroom 2 new
Arquetopia Peru Bedroom 3 new
Arquetopia Peru Bedroom 4 new
Arquetopia Peru BR 2B
Arquetopia Peru Bath 1 new
Arquetopia Peru Bath 2 new
Arquetopia Peru Bath 3 new
Arquetopia Peru Bath 4 new

The town of Urubamba and its surroundings
IMG 6150 copy
urubamba2 copy
Lake Huaypo
Lake Huaypo 1

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