Printmaking Residency Program

Location: Puebla, Mexico
Residency Programs in 2024 & 2025
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Note: This residency program includes tutorial sessions (12 hours) and supervision by our master printer but is non-instructional. For other residency programs with master instruction in two specific techniques related to printmaking, we offer the Electroetching Instructional Residency in Puebla, Mexico and the Natural Ink Silkscreen Instructional Residency in Oaxaca, Mexico.

This comprehensive, customized residency program offers competitive professional opportunities for emerging and mid-career, national and international artists and designers age 20 and over. In addition to the individual mentoring provided by our directorial and curatorial staff for personalized research assistance/resources, project guidance, and critique, participants of this program work independently on-site at Arquetopia.

José Guadalupe Posada (1852-1913):
“Detalle del Espantoso y ejemplar suceso
de un joven que por desobediente, se lo llevó el Demonio á los infiernos.” Flyer made in lead plate. José Guadalupe Posada Museum
The Mexican printmaking tradition has a complicated relation with the development of modern and contemporary art in Mexico. The work of José Guadalupe Posada and Taller de Gráfica Popular set the foundation of such a complex tradition, by rendering contentious realities mixed with current events, and political messages. This strong political legacy has not only influenced other forms of art but also set the tone to the tense and contradictory relationship between art and social activism in Mexico. Nevertheless, printmaking, as a creative space, remains as the base of artistic political activity. Given the accessibility and collaborative nature of the techniques, the print shop in Mexico is a dynamic grass-root space where the discussion of social issues is very relevant. From relief printing, to intaglio, screen-printing, and lithography, the abundant artistic output is ideal for cultural and artistic exchanges.

The Printmaking Residency is a 4-week mentored, supervised production residency that offers the unique opportunity to produce work on-site at Arquetopia. The techniques offered are intaglio, linoleum, woodcut, polyester plate, silkscreen and the unique opportunity of working with a specific lithography stone from Mexico. Maximum dimensions of the lithography printing press are 27 X 19 inches and of the etching press are 24 X 45 inches. This residency is for experienced printmakers only. No immersive instruction is provided.

2X Artist-in-Residence and Arquetopia Residency Scholarship Recipient, Caroline Ongpin (Philippines/USA) 
Caroline Ongpin 2019

Arquetopia’s on-site Printmaking facilities
Arquetopia Printmaking Studio 1 2023
Arquetopia Printmaking Studio 2 2023
Arquetopia Printmaking Studio 3 2023
BE12X Artist-in-Residence and Arquetopia Synergy Award Recipient, Brent Erickson (USA)
Fixed sessions of 4 weeks. Dates are not predetermined but are nominated by the applying artist.

Staff Support:
  • Tutorial sessions (12 hours) provided by our master printer
  • Each resident artist meets weekly with our directorial and curatorial staff for personalized mentoring, research assistance/resources, project guidance, and critique
  • Furnished, private bedroom
  • 24-hour access to the kitchen for residents to prepare their own meals; residents are responsible for their own meals/food
  • Wireless Internet
  • Use of Arquetopias residency common spaces including outdoor terraces
  • Shared, serviced (single) bathrooms with modern fixtures and showers
  • Housekeeping
Studio Workspace:
  • Bright and spacious on-site printmaking facility with 24-hour access
  • 24-hour access to large and bright, shared main art studio with generous natural light
  • Personal workspace with large table and wall space
  • Some materials and supplies provided
  • Some printmaking materials are not included (paper, plates, certain inks, screens); artists bring these or purchase them locally

E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for program tuition info and application deadlines for this program.

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