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Our Residency Programs

Our customized International Artist-in-Residence Programs offer competitive professional and academic opportunities for emerging and mid-career, national and international artists, designers, curators, art historians, art educators, academics, writers, journalists, cultural researchers, and graduate students age 20 and over.
Arquetopia Foundation International Artist Residency Artists in Residence Montage 1AArquetopia Foundation International Artist Residency Artists in Residence Montage 2.jpgArtists-in-Residence
Arquetopia is distinguished worldwide for its array of unique residency programs with substantial content. Our residency spaces function exclusively for productive art professionals, writers, and researchers and offer customized, informative programs; a network of collaborative workspaces, institutions, and studios; individualized mentoring, and project support by our directorial/curatorial staff.

Our unique residency programs are based on a non-exploitative model promoting social consciousness. Residents are strongly encouraged to explore various ways of cultural exchange as part of their artistic and/or research goals and to actively engage in critical discussions as part of their residency experience. As Arquetopias mission is to promote social transformation, understanding Mexico or Perus context and cultural complexity, is key for a successful cultural exchange.

Our residency programs are process-oriented, and the core of the residency is a critical approach to artmaking, learning, and research. Our staff and international board of directors have designed a special curriculum for the residency programs that facilitates a critical dialogue between the artist’s practice and the context encountered. In order to challenge stereotypes and preconceived notions of Latin America, all programs include an introduction to the complexity of Mexican or Peruvian identities with a focus in the artists’ project scope and artistic goals.

Artists-in-residence are introduced to a better understanding of Mexico or Peru’s Mesoamerican and colonial past, its modern present, and while producing, they learn to challenge contemporary art and what are considered traditional art practices; therefore, Arquetopia aids this process with individualized mentoring, discussion, critiques, and a critical bibliography that are tailored to each artist’s needs. The ultimate goal is for artists to learn new methods and techniques while questioning their own practice in the hopes of extending the critical discussion to other communities.
Artists-in-Residence and master instructor in technique workshopArquetopia Foundation International Artist Residency Artist In Residence Montage 6A

Drawing • Painting • Natural pigments (cochineal, indigo, and other pigments) • Printmaking • Graphic design • Mexican textiles (weaving, embroidery, tapestry)  Peruvian textiles (weaving) • SculptureCeramics Mexican ceramics (Talavera, loza vidriada) • Gold leafingWood carvingPerformance • Ephemeral (including food and other perishable materials) • Photography: digital photography and alternative photographic processesDigital mediaDesign and illustration

• Selection decisions are based on artistic work and proposed project. Applicants at all stages of their careers (emerging and established) must demonstrate a clear sense of potential.
• Our pool of applicants and residents is diverse in all aspects.
• Our residency programs are competitive opportunities for artists, writers, and researchers to pursue their own work, free of pressure (especially work that in their particular circumstances would normally be difficult to produce).
• The creation of community with fellow artists and staff during the residency period is important.


1. PUEBLA, MEXICO Our spectacular 1939 artist compound in the majestic central historic district
OAXACA, MEXICO Our Mexican-style villa and traditional studio in the open countryside
CUSCO, PERU Our Peruvian-style villa and traditional studio close to Machu Picchu, in the Sacred Valley of the Peruvian Andes
4. NAPLES, ITALY Coming Soon

Arquetopia Foundation International Artist Residency Artist In Residence Montage 5Arquetopia Foundation International Artist Residency Artist In Residence Montage 4

Our residencies are mentored, professional programs with academic content customized to each artist-in-residence. Our programs include mentoring by our directorial and curatorial staff for personalized research assistance and resources, project guidance, and critique; 24-hour studio access with personal workspace and some tools; wireless Internet; furnished, private accommodation and use of shared indoor and outdoor common spaces; home-cooked meals, locally grown coffee, and stocked kitchens –with organic and local produce, meats, and dairy– for 24-hour resident access; shared bathrooms with modern fixtures and showers; utilities and housekeeping. For the instructional residencies we offer, the instruction our residents receive from the Mexican and Andean master artists we contract is funded directly from the residency tuition, and materials and supplies for these instructional courses are included. For our non-instructional residencies, artists bring their own materials and supplies or obtain them locally. Arquetopia provides carefully detailed trip preparation and arrival transportation instructions and orientation materials to all incoming residents. At Arquetopia Oaxaca and Arquetopia Peru, our staff provides pickup and dropoff transportation on the scheduled start and end date of the residency.
Arquetopia is a self-sustaining, official nonprofit organization of artist-run spaces in two developing countries and receives zero external funding from public, governmental, corporate, or other interests. As with approximately 90% of residency programs around the world, our residents fund the operating costs of their own programs and travel. E-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information regarding the program tuition for our comprehensive residency programs and for available program tuition waiver options.

Some of our residents apply for third-party funding from their local arts organizations and governments. Many of our residents have also raised their funds (often exceeding their goals) via crowdfunding programs such as Pozible, Kickstarter, GoFundMe, and Indiegogo.

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June 3 to July 27, 2020
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Hello World
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Francisco Guevara, Co-Founder and Co-Director of Arquetopia,
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Our Arquetopia Virtual Residency 2020 series discussions
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